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Lambda Printing

Lambda is the latest in state-of-the-art digital technology for producing continuous-tone panels featuring crisp photo images with high-impact color graphics.

Lambda is the name and common reference to the process, equipment and product resulting in the most visually spectacular images and graphics on the market today for high-impact trade show displays. Using continuous tone digital technology, Lambda panels and murals are produced by transferring images directly from computer-generated digital files to reflective or backlit photographic materials without the need of a negative. Within the equipment, three lasers-one each for red, green and blue-are merged into a single beam that simultaneously exposes the photographic material, producing the image in a single pass. The photo material is then processed in the same manner as traditional photography by developing the photographic material in a "wet" film processor. By using the lasers, the total image is crisp and precise edge to edge, with no distortion. All of this means that the quality of a Lambda panel or mural will be much better in terms of clarity, sharpness and in color saturation.

lambda printing